PIER Working Group Members

Robert Haché, vice-president research and innovation (VPRI), has announced the members of the Plan for the Intensification & Enhancement of Research (PIER) working group.

The working group, chaired by Haché, is comprised of individuals from the University and community who will advise the VPRI throughout consultation process for the research intensification plan.

Robert Haché

“I am pleased to announce the members of the PIER Working Group,” said Haché. “I am looking forward to working together with the members and the University community to develop a plan for the intensification of research that will build on the commitments to research outlined in the Strategic Research Plan. The PIER will support the University’s vision to intensify our research activities, and to set out recommendations that aim to help strengthen all aspects of York’s research enterprise over the next five years.”

The working group’s mandate is to advise the VPRI on all aspects of the consultation with the York community and in the development of the plan. The goal is to provide the community with a draft reflecting the discussion near the end of 2015, with a final version going to the Senate of York University for endorsement in spring 2016.

All members of the University community are invited to be an engaged part of a comprehensive consultation process that will help York University continue to move forward in research excellence and scholarship.

The working group members include:

  • Robert Haché, vice-president research and innovation, chair of the PIER Working Group;
  • Alidad Amirfazli, interim chair and professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering;
  • Shawn Brixey, dean, School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design;
  • Logan Donaldson, professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science;
  • Mazyar Fallah, associate dean research and innovation, Faculty of Health;
  • Oded Haas, Vanier Scholar, Faculty of Environmental Studies;
  • Wade Hall, assistant vice-president development;
  • Les Jacobs, director, Institute for Social Research, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS);
  • Fuyuki Kurasawa, YRC in Global Digital Citizenship, Department of Sociology, LA&PS;
  • Moren Lévesque, CPA Ontario Chair in International Entrepreneurship, Operations Management & Information Systems, Schulich School of Business;
  • Obiora Okafor, York Research Chair in International and Transnational Legal Studies, Osgoode Hall Law School;
  • Alice Pitt, vice-provost;
  • Art Redding, professor, Department of English, LA&PS;
  • Leah Vosko, Tier I CRC in the Political Economy of Gender and Work, Department of Political Science, LA&PS; and
  • Mike Zryd, associate dean academic affairs, Faculty of Graduate Studies.